Hi There!

I am Parth Kothari, a second year PhD working at the Visual Intelligence for Transport (VITA) lab at EPFL. I work under the supervision of Prof. Alexandre Alahi, broadly in the field of understanding human motion behavior, with focus on social forecasting in autonomous vehicles. I got my undergraduate degree in Electrical Enginerring from (IIT Bombay).


July 2020          New paper providing an in-depth analysis of interaction modules for capturing social interactions in crowds! Code
Jun 2020Gave a virtual talk on TrajNet++ at 2nd Workshop on Long Term Human Motion Prediction, ICRA 2020. Video available here
Apr 2020Started maintaining a list of papers focussed on human trajectory forecasting in crowds. Link
Feb 2020Second version of TrajNet++ Challenge for 2nd Workshop on Long-Term Human Motion Prediction in ICRA 2020 is online.
Jan 2020Gave a talk on “Introducing TrajNet++: Large Scale Human Trajectory Forecasting Benchmark” at Applied Machine Learning Days, 2020 at EPFL.
Nov 2019Won 2nd Prize for Best Poster at EDEE Scientific Day for our work on Colaborative Sampling from Generative Adversarial Networks [Poster]
Nov 2019New paper on collaborative sampling from generative adversarial networks is accepted to AAAI 2020. [Code]
Nov 2019Cleared the Candidancy Exam.
Oct 2019First version of TrajNet++, our large-scale trajectory forecasting challenge for Applied Machine Learning Days 2020 is online.
Sep 2019Presented my paper on performance of Adversarial Loss in Human Trajectory Prediciton at hEART 2019
Jun 2019Our lab organized Human-Robot Tandem Race as part of the Deep Learning for Autonomous Vehicles course at EPFL.
Apr 2019New paper on Adversarial loss in human trajectory prediction sampling accepted to hEART 2019
Aug 2018Started my PhD in Electrical Engineering at EPFL
Aug 2018Graduated from IIT Bombay, with Institute Rank 7
Jun 2018Secured 3rd position in the iFood Challenge at CVPR 2018. [Code]
Apr 2018I will be joining VITA Lab as a PhD candidate, under supervision of Prof. Alexandre Alahi, in Fall 2018